Guest Speakers

Dr. Josie Boone: Speaker for Jan. 2 - 3

Dr. Josie Boone has led in various positions at the Woodbridge Seventh day Adventist church as the Personal Ministry Leader, Youth Leader, and Head Deaconess and in other areas. She is the CEO/Founder of Solomon International Ministries and visionary leader of the Great Commission. She was born and raised in Houston Texas and resides in Woodbridge, Virginia. She is the author and writer of Born Again” and “The Power of Forgiveness.” Dr. Boone has earned her bachelor’s degree in Church Ministry from the Sure Foundation Theology Institute. She has also earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems, Master’s in Business Information Management Systems and a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership Management from University of Phoenix. She is a motivational speaker and executive coach and loves the Lord.

Gary James: Speaker for Jan. 4 - 5

Gary is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Renewed Hearts,Inc., a diverse non-profit organization committed to the development of relationships. He strongly believes that, “When the heart is renewed, the first impulse is to share it with someone else.”


He serves as the main facilitator, having over 30 years experience in the area of organizational leadership, technology, training development/support, local and international ministry, as well as multicultural relations. He is responsible for the development of training, seminars, mentoring programs and workshops. The primary focus of Renewed Hearts is to encourage the next generation to develop their skills and respond to the call on their lives.


Renewed Hearts is passionate about helping people navigate the life around them. The vision, #YoureLit, is
their way of letting you know that in this busy digital world, YOU MATTER. Through their weekly training sessions called “WOW” (Word of the Week) and “CITE” (Connect, Interact, Transform, Empower), they mentor the millennial generation, preparing them to be innovative leaders and influencers that will span across many groups and cultures, not only nationally but internationally as well. They also have training for the Baby Boomers and GenXers!  SAGE (Setting A Good Example) focuses on challenging them to be an example for the
generations that look to them for wisdom and guidance.


Gary and Tanya have been happily married for 32 years and currrently live in the metro Atlanta area. They have two millennial-aged sons, Gary II and Trevon, one granddaughter, Miracle and one grandson, Gary, III.


Dr. Deborah Harris, is an expert business trainer and organizational consultant. As a former University Professor, she’s built her career on teaching and training individuals and organizations how to collaborate. She works with businesses, non-profits, organizations and schools as a trainer, presenter and consultant. Dr. Harris’ presentations are very unique and inspirational. She walks greatly in the anointing of God..
Pastor Wesley Bruce: Speaker for Jan. 8

Pastor Wesley Bruce is a theologian and historian.  He specializes in the area of black history.  He has served as a pastor, counselor and educator for over 25 years and although retired continues to serve the church in various capacities. 

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